Smartquote Basics – How to Get Around

John Smith|June 7, 2021

In this document we’re going to cover the basics to help you navigate around the software like a pro. We’ll start with how to login, then show you the layout of the main pages. And also how to move between them and where to look for commonly used features.


Launch the SmartQuote web-based quoting software from the HERE.

The login screen will prompt you to enter your User ID and password. Any questions about User IDs and passwords should be directed to the SmartQuote Administrator at your company. If you forget or compromise your password, the Administrator can reset it for you. To change or update account information, log in and click on the  “User” icon located on the top right corner of the screen to edit your contact information or change your password.


Most screens in SmartQuote are made up of three primary sections:

  • the Primary Navigation Bar (in blue)
  • the Secondary Navigation Bar (below Primary in grey)
  • the active screen

From any screen in SmartQuote you can use the icons to redirect you into other areas. Clicking on the “All Weather” logo on the top left of the screen will always take you back to the “Sales Document list.” Refer to “Customize Your View of the Sales List” to maximize your efficiency on this main landing page.

The “Sales Document list” is where you can access all existing quotes or orders, as well as “Create a New Quote.”

When you are editing a quote, the screen layout will change.  The navigation bars remain similar, but the options will change depending on what part of the process you are in.  These specific options are covered in multiple other help documents.  From any of the quote screens, please note that you can navigate via the “Page Title” in the top left of the screen (under the navigation bars).  There should be a title that reads Sales Documents>Quote Number>Mark Unit, or something similar.  You can click on any of those hyperlinks to navigate to the quote summary page or the “Sales Document list”.   From some screens, like the “Print Options Menu,” this will be the best way to get back to the quote.

When you are editing a line item there will be an “Undo” / “Redo” arrow on the top left of the window editing screen.  This is the best way to go back one action or forward one action.  If you use the browser “Back” button you’ll go all the way back to the order summary.

This covers the basic navigation within the system.  For more, please see the other help docs on specific tasks.

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