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Further your career by taking advantage of our continuing education programs on topics including common building materials, performance standards and more.

AIA Approved Continuing Education Courses

It can be challenging to keep up with ever-changing standards and materials, but having in-depth knowledge about new developments can help you take your business to the next level.

This is why we are working to offer education courses for architects needing to satisfy the AIA’s continuing education requirements. Our trainers have the experience necessary to provide you with useful, practical training that you need to succeed.

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The Aluminum Advantage In Fenestration

Aluminum has become an increasingly popular material thanks to its flexibility—literal and figurative!—light weight, ‘green’ properties and more. This course will teach you more about what aluminum has to offer and how you can more efficiently complete your projects by making use of this amazing material. Topics include:

  • The versatility of aluminum in fenestration applications.
  • The strengths of aluminum in fenestration products, versus other materials.
  • How to leverage the ‘green’ characteristics and properties of aluminum in your designs.
  • What design and performance advantages aluminum has to offer over other materials.

Glass – The Right Choice

We know glass. All Weather tempers it’s own after all. Thanks to our familiarity with this material, we have hands-on knowledge of the properties and strengths of glass, which can be used to create striking and original designs. If you’re looking to expand your understanding of glass as an architectural material, this course is a perfect choice. Topics include:

  • The basic material properties of glass.
  • Various uses for glass.
  • The many different types of glass commonly used in construction.
  • Fabricated glass solutions.
  • How to measure and evaluate glass performance.

Specifying Windows, Doors, and Skylights Using Performance Standards

You know first-hand that standards and specifications are constantly changing in our industry. This course will give you an overview of how standards have changed and then immerse you in the latest developments, outlining older project styles and how they compare to modern ones. Topics include:

  • How standards and codes applying to windows and doors have evolved over the last several decades.
  • How to recognize and use standards to specify product types, performance levels, and key performance attributes.
  • How to analyze special requirements for varying door and window types.
  • How to use the short form specification for doors, windows, and related products.




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Our trainers have the experience necessary to provide you with useful, practical training that you need to succeed.

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