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John Smith|June 7, 2021

You can make numerous quotes for one of your customers, and our SmartQuote system provides a lot of tools to help you manage those quotes leading up to the order process. This document will go over the available quote statuses within the system. Your company will need to decide how to use these statuses, if at all.

Activate Version Status

If you have created multiple versions of a quote, the first order status available is “Active Version.” This indicates which version the customer is most likely to order, or which revision is the most recent. This could really help in a retail environment where multiple salespeople may help the same customer at different times. By labeling the quote as the “Active Version,” any salesperson will know which version to open.

To change a quote’s status to active, open the quote you wish to activate. Once opened look on the gray secondary navigation bar towards the top right of the screen for the “Activate Version” icon. Click this button and the quote will become the “Active Version” and will be eligible for the next statuses.

This means that all other versions of this quote are now inactive. Until an order has been placed, you can change the active version as many times as needed.

Accepted Version Status

Before you move a quote into the “Accepted Version” status, make sure to check that all details of the quote are correct as this status will lock the quote from further changes. If your process includes a customer revision and sign-off, you may want to accept the version to lock in the version they have revised and signed-off.

To move to this status, click the “Accept Version” icon on the grey secondary navigation bar. Once you click this icon you can no longer make changes to the content of the quote.

Create Order / Confirm Order Status

Do not proceed beyond “Accept Version.”  If you proceed with “Create Order” or “Confirm Order” it will invalidate the option to send the order to the factory.  This glitch in our system should be resolved eventually, but currently requires you to be mindful of this.

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