Price Method Management

John Smith|June 7, 2021

To Perform any administrative task, you must be logged into SmartQuote with administrative credentials. If you have any questions about your login credentials, please see your onsite SmartQuote Administrator.

Price Methods are available to help our customers standardize their pricing to their customers. By setting up Price Methods, SmartQuote will automatically apply your margin, markup or discounts. This will provide a seamless experience for you, your salespeople, and your end customer. You can create multiple price methods for your different customer segments, such as residential vs. commercial or homeowner vs. contractor.

Create A New Price Method

When logged in as an Administrator the account will open to your Users page.  From this page, select the “Price Method” icon on the blue primary navigation bar. Next you will find and select the “New Price Method” icon located on the gray secondary navigation bar.

This will take you to the “Pricing Methods > New Price Method” page.  Here you will input general information for your pricing method.

This will Include:

  • Name – This is how salespeople will select the price method for each customer or order.  Please consider whether or not your end customer will be watching your salespeople quote and name price methods accordingly.
  • Currency – Should always be set to US Dollars
  • Base Tariff – You should not select a base tariff.  Your price method will always start with your discounted (factored) dealer price from the factory.  The only time you would want to select a Base Tariff is if you want to build a price that is based on one of your existing price lists.  If that is the case, select the price method you want to use as the base of a new price method via this selection.

There is a checkbox that asks if you want to make the price method “from cost” or “public for children”. These options are both currently invalid for All Weather.  Please do not check those boxes.  If you select the “from cost” button, it will yield an inaccurate price to your end customer.

Next, you will click the “Add Increment or Discount” icon on the gray secondary navigation menu located near the top right side of the screen. This will allow you to enter a price adjustment towards the bottom of the screen. You can elect to only adjust pricing on certain product lines (types), certain add-ons and accessories (groups) or by color.  Most commonly we expect you will select “All,” except in the case of a special promotion.  There are 5 types of price adjustments available.

The 5 types of adjustment available are:

  • Discounts – will bring the price down by the percentage you enter
  • Increment – will increase the price by the percentage you enter
  • Percentage – will decrease the base price if you enter a number less than 100%, and will increase the base price if you enter a number greater than 100%
  • Multiplier – will decrease the base price if you enter a number less than 1, and will increase the base price if you enter a number greater than 1
  • Margin – will increase the price until you achieve the margin percentage that you enter here.

You can add more than one discount/increment on a single price method (though, more than one should not be necessary). When done select the “Save” icon on the gray secondary navigation bar.

Allowing our system to take care of this math for your salespeople, should provide time savings, help minimize errors and improve consistency between salespeople.

Edit A Price Method

To edit a price method, go to the main Price Methods page and select the name of the Price Method. This will take you to the “Price Methods> Price Method Name page that will allow you to edit the details of an existing Price Method.

All fields are editable. Proceed as you did on the “New Price Method” page.

Delete a Price Method

If you want to delete a Price Method, from the main Price Methods page, click on the trash can icon  on the far-right side of the screen on the line you wish to delete. You will get the following confirmation message to make sure you want to delete this Price Method. Select the “Yes” button and the Price Method will be permanently deleted from the system.

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