Plausibility Errors – Draft

John Smith|June 7, 2021

All Weather hopes to make your use of the SmartQuote tools as seamless an ordering experience as possible.  To that end, we’ve built in plausibility errors to help you avoid designing a window or door that cannot be manufactured.  This article will tell you where you will see these errors, how they will affect your ability to proceed with the order and what you can do to clear the errors.


There are three primary places where you will see plausibility errors in the Smart Quote system. As you customize a model or configuration you will see a detailed notes field below the image of the window. When Plausibility Errors occur, a “Plausibility” error list will appear in the detail notes field with a red stop sign  error icon.

Figure 1

In the “Plausibility” error list there will be an error code and message you can use to resolve the error.  Please know that you can always call All Weather’s Inside Sales team for help resolving the issue if the error message is confusing to you in any way.

The short message will have a description of the error in the line item, for example, “Vent too wide”.  There will be a secondary description with additional detail to guide you towards a resolution.  For example, “Awning sash exceeds 72” inch Max Width.”  To resolve this error, you could reduce the sash size to fit within our limits or you could make the sash non-operable, where larger sizes can be accommodated. If your design criteria cannot be adjusted, All Weather may not be able to supply you with this particular item. Our goal with these Plausibility Errors is to prevent you from ever quoting a window to your customer that we will not be able to produce for you.

If you don’t resolve the error while editing the details of the line item, on the main quote page there are three places to find the list of errors. Once you have selected “Save” on the quote, each line item with an error will get an error  icon next to it, on the far right-hand side of the screen. You will also find an error  below the quote header to represent that there are errors somewhere on the order.  You can click either of these error  icons to go to the “Validation Message” page.

Alternatively, you can get to the “Validation Messages” page by clicking on the three vertical dots on the gray secondary navigation bar on the top right of the screen and selecting the “Validation Messages” icon from the drop-down menu. Via any of these methods you will be taken to the page you see below, where all plausibility errors on the order will be listed.

You can sort, group, filter and reconfigure the Validation Message list just as you can most other lists in Smart Quote.  For more info on how to customize your list view see the article, “How to Customize Your View of the Sales List”.

You will not be able to submit an order that has active errors on it, so please use this Validation Message report as a final check before printing a quote or submitting an order to ensure that we can keep your project on schedule.

Figure 4


The simplest way to clear a Plausibility Error is to make the changes when the Plausibility Error first appears while editing the details of the window or door you have built in SmartQuote. Some Plausibility Errors dealing with hardware colors could be cleared by going into the line item and selecting a color or in the Global Changes. To learn all about Global Changes and how to use this feature see our “Make a Global Change” article. Again, if there is a plausibility error that you are having trouble clearing, please call All Weather’s Inside Sales team for help with resolving the error.

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