John Smith|June 3, 2021

To Perform any administrative task you must be logged into SmartQuote with an administrative credential.  If you have any questions about your login credentials please see your onsite SmartQuote Administrator.

Password Policy

It is the responsibility of the SmartQuote Administrator at each customer location to manage their user list. This is to ensure that only current, authorized employees are able to quote, and order from All Weather and have login access to the system. To support this responsibility Administrators may want to enact a password policy at their location.

Some elements that may be helpful to include are:

  • Users may not share login credentials with anyone.
  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters and should include a mix of letters (Ab), numbers (1,2,3) and special characters (#.*).
  • Passwords should be changed periodically.
  • Administrators can force change all passwords, requiring all Users to create a new password when logging in for the first time or periodically after their initial login.
  • Administrators should review the user list and compare to an active employee list to ensure that no terminated employees still have access to the system.

How to Change Passwords

The System Administrator can either change a User’s password or force a password change. With the Change Password feature, the Administrator enters the new password and confirms it.

Alternatively, and potentially a better choice for security is to force the password change so that the User will create their own new Password.  This way, the Administrator won’t know the User’s login credentials. This feature can also be used as part of a security policy, to force all Users to change passwords periodically.

Figure 1

It can also be used in the new User setup process. Every time the Administrator sets up a new User, he/she can use a standard password. The “Force Password Change” button will only become available after the new User has been fully set up and saved. By going back into the new User’s profile and selecting the “Force Password Change” button the system will prompt the new User to create their own password.

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