Motorized Operators

John Smith|June 7, 2021

This article will only be addressing the aspects of ordering motorized operators that are different than our standard window entry and option selection process.  See the following articles for more on the standard process: “Building a Custom Configuration” and “How to Select Options.”

Select the Motorized Operator Option

Once you have added an operable window to your order, go through the option selection process and in the “General Options” tab, you should see an option in the “Handle Type” category for “Motorized.”  Selecting this option will create another option for you to select “Motorized Operator Type.”

You have three choices of Motorized Operator Type:

  • Sentry 2 – this unit attaches to the pivot shoe and does not require any fabrication to the window frame.
  • Marvel – this unit attaches directly to the window, so we pre-drill holes, etc. to accommodate the operator.
  • Custom Prep – we know sometimes you’re matching an existing project and need an older model or a different brand of motorized operator than we are currently selling. Select the Custom Prep option, then coordinate with our Inside Sales Team to get us the CAD information we will need to correctly prep the window frame for your exact operator.

Add the Motorized Operator as a New Line Item

Making the options selections above tells our team how to prep the window for the motorized operator, but if you’ll be buying the operator from us, you must add it as its own line item.

Once you have created a new quote, select the  “New Item” icon on the bottom right of the screen to access the “New Line Item menu. To add a motorized operator to your quote, select the “New Material” tab. This will take you to the “New Material” menu page.

From the “Sales Documents>Quote Number>New Material” you can enter a part number in the search field, then press select to add the part.  To find the part number for the part you are looking for, reference the “All Weather Parts Manual” or contact inside sales.  Below are the part numbers for the motorized operators we sell most often.

  • Sentry 2 –
  • Marvel (White) –
  • Marvel (Bronze) –

Additional Considerations

  • Sentry 2 motorized operator should be sold with an additional cover to protect and hide the mechanism. The parts should be added the same as above.
    • Sentry 2 Cover (Gray/Clear) – 12490.01
    • Sentry 2 Cover (Bronze) – 12490.02
    • Sentry 2 Cover (White) – 12490.32
  • All motorized operators are shipped loose for assembly onto the window on-site.

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