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John Smith|June 7, 2021

In order to save you time, where possible within the SmartQuote system we have given the user the option to make global changes across many or all lines items of a quote.

Getting To The Global Change Menu

To access the global change option, you need to be in a quote document that must have at least two line items.  If you don’t have two or more line items, this option will not be available in the system.

Look just above the first line item in your quote to find the “Select All” button.  Check the box to highlight all line items on the quote.  If you don’t want to make a change to all line items, uncheck the lines that the change should not apply to.

If you only plan on changing only a few line items, you can start by checking the box next to each line item you want to change.  Then, press the “Global Change” Icon, located just above the first line item.  This will take you to the Global Change menu.

In the Global Change menu, you will find categories such as:

  • Glass – You can switch into any of our standard glass packages
  • Color – All Anodized and Kynar Finish options available
  • Options – Hardware, hardware color, frame-type, and all other general options can be changed globally.

Click on the tab for the change you want to make and navigate through the folder structure to find the option you’re looking for. As you make selections, the light blue Summary Box on the right will update to show what changes have been made.  You can move between tabs without saving. When you are done making all, of your changes, click the check mark on the bottom right of the screen to apply your changes.  Below we will further explain how to use each section.


In the glass section, you can change the glass to any of our standard glass packages.  If you need a custom glass makeup you will need to make this change on the individual line item in the glass configurator.  If you have many different All Weather Product Series on the order you may have to change some lines separately.  All Series 3000 windows must be done separately.  Series 5000 and 6000 can be grouped together and all of the door series can be grouped together.  To clarify, you will need to select all door line items, and then go through the global change menu, then go through the process again if needed for other product lines.


In the color section, you can change the window or door frame color.  Use the drop-down menu to see your choices between Anodized or Kynar Finishes. Within the categories, you can select a color from the available options. When selecting Kynar, select Standard for 2 coat process and XL for 3 coat process, then send in your color match information to All Weather Inside Sales.  For dual-tone and other custom colors that are not offered in SmartQuote, please contact our inside sales team for assistance with your quote.


In the options section you will see all the available hardware and hardware color options for the specific windows and doors that you have built in your quote.  Make sure you change each option for each series that is on your quote.  For example, if you have Series 5000 and Series 6000 windows on your quote you will have to change your handle color two times to get them all changed.

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