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John Smith|June 7, 2021

Once you have added a “New Model” or “New Configuration” to your line, you must edit all options to ensure that we build the window to your customers needs. This document will walk you through the process of how to navigate the following option tabs:

  • Opening
  • General
  • Dimension
  • Finish
  • Glass Configurator
  • Glass Options
  • General Options

This process will be the same for windows and doors but options available will change depending on the type of operable window or door you’ve selected. This document will not explain all of the options that exist, since the software should present you only with the options available based on your selections.

On the “Sales Documents > Quote Number > Line Item Name”  page you will find a real-time image of your window on the left, a discription of features below and a options menu on the right (See picture below). We recommend you scroll through the options tabs from left to right. As you get more comfortable with the software, you can click directly to the tab option you need to make your selections.

Opening Tab

In this tab you can select the handing and operation style of the window in your configuration. Highlight the lite you want to add an operable window to, change the operation or handing type. Then click on the box that will say “Fixed In” or current operation and handing, for example “Awning Swing Out” (See picture above). When changing anything in this tab you will have to go back into the “Design” menu above the image and press “Apply System” for the changes to reflected in the line item.  This is the only tab where this is required.  If you press Apply System after any other options are selected you will lose the selections and start again with a freshly engineered window with no special options selected.

General Tab

The General Tab can edit the following options such as:

  • Location – Here you can add a mark number or name
  • Model – This field will auto-populate when using one of our standard models. There will be no data populated here if a custom configuration is built.
  • Description – This field will auto-populate when using one of our standard models. There will be no data populated here if a custom configuration is built.
  • Quantity – Will default to 1, so be sure to edit it as needed

If at any time you need the factory’s help to edit something on this quote or order, you must send it to us to edit before placing the order. See the document “How to Transfer an Order to All Weather for Assistance” for details on that process.

Dimensions Tab

There are two ways to change the dimensions on your window or door. You can click on the dimension in the image, or you can use the “Dimensions” tab to edit dimensions. This tab will change according to the product you build.

For Example: On a single fixed window you will only be able to change overall height and width.

On a multiple lite window configuration or door, there will be additional sub-dimensions available to adjust in addition to your overall width and height dimensions.

For a quick entry, you can tab from line to line entering the sizes or switch to the advanced mode to use the dimension locking feature. Here you can lock the overall dimension or a sub-dimension to keep them from adjusting as you make other changes. The locks can be found on the right of the dimension fields.  When you are done editing locked dimensions you can press the lock image again to unlock it.  If you don’t, the lock image will be in the picture of the window when you print your quote.

Finish Tab

In the finish tab you will see our available color finish menu. Family – You can choose between an Anodized Finish or a Kynar Paint Finish.

  • Color – Once you select the family the system will populate the choices available for the color.
    • In Anodized we offer Clear and Dark Bronze
    • In Kynar, we have a “Standard Kynar”“Kynar XL” and “AW White” color options. You will need to specify the UC Code or color you are going to select when selecting the “Standard Kynar” and “Kynar XL” You will put the UC Code in the comments field, or by communicating with our Inside Sales staff. Call the Inside Sales team for questions on the paint process when questions arise.

Glass Configurator

Most of the glass we sell in our windows fall into our standard glass packages. These range in cost and energy efficiency to match the budgets, and the energy requirements for projects. To choose one of our standard energy packages, use the “Glass Configurator” tab and hover over the letters “A-E” to view the glass makeup of the unit in that package.

For Example: In the picture below, you can see where by hovering over the letter “D” package the glass makeup pops-up to reflect the Energy Package D as;

5mm thick Solarban 70 glass, with Argon Gas over 5mm Clear (Note: 5mm = 3/16” Thickness)

While you can see the details in the system by hovering over the letter of the packages, please note the table below that provides the units in our standard energy packages. These will be updated over time as more energy efficient options come to market.

Package # Glass Makeup Gas
A 3/16 Solarban 60 / Clear No Argon
B 3/16 Solarban 60 / Clear With Argon
C 3/16 Solarban 70 / Clear No Argon
D 3/16 Solarban 70 / Clear With Argon
E 3/16 Solarban 70 /Energy Advantage With Argon

If one of the standard packages doesn’t work for your project, you can create your own custom glass unit. In the “Custom Glass” section beneath the “Energy Packages,” select from the “Single Glazed” or “IGU,” and follow the prompts on the popup window (See picture below).  This pop-up window allows you to select the inboard lite, outboard lite, whether the glass is tempered or annealed, as well as airspace options.

A few of the fields will be greyed out because they will populate automatically based on your selections.  These will include Base Reference, Weight, and Air Space.

If you want to specify louvers or panels instead of glass, select the lites you want to change on the bottom of the “Glass Configurator” tab, use the checkboxes next to each lite # or select all with the checkbox at the top. Now click the “Change Glass” button. Use the folder structure to select the option you want.

  • First Step: Select the “IGU Quick Picks”
  • Second Step: Click on the “Mapes / Louvres” folder
  • Final Step: select the “Brand and Color” of panel or louver that you want.

Multiple Glass Makeups

If you need more than one glass makeup on a single configuration, simply highlight or check the boxes in the “Glass Configurator” tab for the lites you want to change. Make your glass selections per the above instructions. You can select the appropriate material for your project from:

  • The custom Energy Packages
  • Our Custom Configurator
  • The Glass folder structure
  • Or Panels and Louvres folder

Glass Options

This section is defaulted to “Glazing by All Weather” and no to “Ship Loose.”  Only edit these options if you are providing customer supplied glass (this is very rare and can only be done when the glass for the project cannot be procured by All Weather) or if you need the units to ship loose because of weight concerns for unloading the product at the job site or delivery location. When ordering any glass shipped loose, be sure to always add a glazing kit per window to your order, since those windows will need to be field glazed.

General Options

Finally, the “General Options” tab. This section will contain:

  • Frame Type
  • Hardware
  • Hardware Color
  • NFRC Labels

The majority of, choices are available in a drop-down menu or a radio button. Most options will have pictures to assist with your selection or to communicate the options to your customer. The options you select on your first window or door will become your new default and should carry over to all future line items in the same series. This should alleviate repetitive option selection, without adding an overwhelming pre-setting process. If you have questions about what an option is, or what option needs to be selected to meet your project specification, please contact our Inside Sales team to have them walk you through the process to help you make the best selection for your clients.

Please note: That any colors seen in these images are not meant to be actual representations of the color you will receive, as computer screens and their resolutions may vary greatly. 

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