How To Order Parts and Pieces

John Smith|June 7, 2021

This process will be critical for many reasons in the quoting process. To order extra handles, pulls, screens, etc. For non-warranty customer service, you can quote and order directly using the method in this article. It will also be critical for adding accessories like motorized operators and Centaur screens to your quotes and orders.

Add a Part to the Quote

From the main quote screen, use the  “New Item” icon on the bottom right of the screen and select “Add Material.”

Look up the part number for the item you would like to quote/order in the “All Weather Parts Manual.”

The Sales Documents > Quote Number > Add Material page has an open text field where you can enter the part number that you retrieved from the manual. Enter the part number and press the “Enter” button or click “Select” to submit your request.

Customize the Part

Once you have selected your material you will be redirected to the Sales Documents > Quote Number > Edit Material page. Here you can add a unit mark, edit the quantity and depending on the type of part edit the color, or finish, as well, before pressing the “Save” to add the item to the quote or order.

How To Order an Extrusion

There may be some circumstances where you need or want to order an aluminum extrusion. The unit of measurement for the extrusion is in “Lineal Inch.” In Sales Documents > Quote Number > Edit Material page you may enter the number of inches needed in the length field to ensure that we cut the extrusions the right length for your project. You can also enter the quantity needed in the quantity field to select how many bars you need at that length. If you need extrusions at more than one length, please create additional items at the correct length in linear inches for each line.


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