How to Export Data to Excel

John Smith|June 3, 2021

To Perform any administrative task you must be logged into SmartQuote with an administrative credential. If you have any questions about your login credentials, please see your onsite SmartQuote Administrator.

Where to Find It

There are many pages within SmartQuote where you can export data from a list into Excel so that you may use the data outside of our system. To find the “Export to Excel” option, look in the gray secondary navigation bar, towards the top right of the screen and if the option isn’t available click on the three vertical dots to see additional options. On any page where exporting is possible you’ll see the option there.  You should be able to export data from the Users, Customers, Entities and Pricing Methods pages.

Figure 1


When you select the icon, the system will automatically download an Excel file with the data into the “Downloads” folder on your computer. Once you have the data in Excel you can manipulate it to suit your need. Depending on your browser, there may be a “Downloads” bar on the screen that shows the progress of your download. In the image below you can see that the file has been fully downloaded and the user can click on the link to the file on the bottom left corner of the screen, or open directly from the Downloads folder.

figure 2


If you want to customize the export you can do so within the constraints of SmartQuote. See the “Customize Your View of User and Customer List” article for a detailed explanation. You can add or remove columns, sort by ascending or descending by any column, group by column and apply filters. The Excel export will be the exact data that you see on your screen. The formatting and column width will not carry over into the Excel file.

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