How To Adjust Line Item Pricing

John Smith|June 7, 2021

There are multiple ways to adjust pricing in the system, so we’ll explore how the different options work and why you would choose one over the other.

Make Adjustments Company-Wide

If you are looking to make changes to pricing strategy across your company the best way to implement that is to adjust the “Price Methods.” This can only be done by a System Administrator and these price methods will be available for all users to apply to any order or quote. Please see the article “Create, Edit or Delete Price Methods” for details on how to accomplish this.

Make Adjustments on One or Many Line Items

Once you have entered all your items onto a quote, click on the three vertical dots on the gray secondary navigation menu to find the icon for “Price Manipulation”.

This will take you to a new page that allows you to adjust the price of any or all line items on the order. This page will show your margin, which is based on your actual factored cost from All Weather. Please keep in mind that Misc. Items that you have set up will not have a cost basis, and this may affect the overall margin of the order. Upon reviewing the summary markup/margin analysis, you may write over the markup, margin, or price of any line item to get to the final pricing or margin that you are looking to achieve on the quote.  The only data you can’t write over is the cost from the factory. The resulting change in gross margin for the entire order will reflect in the summary. You cannot enter data into the summary table, but it will update with every change that you make.

There are four ways to edit the price on a line item in this Price Manipulation window- you may use any combination of methods to arrive at a price you want to deliver to your customer.

  • Increment: This is the same as markup. When using increment to adjust price, the system will increase the line item price by the percentage entered in this field. If you put 40 in this field, it will add a 40% markup to the cost of the product from All Weather.
  • Margin: When you use the margin field, the system will auto-calculate the final price that is required to provide you with the amount of margin you require. Enter a number less than 100 in this field.  Negative numbers are allowed (but not recommended).  If you enter 35 in this field, you will have a 35% margin on this line item.
  • Discount: Enter a number (less than 100, with up to two decimal places) in this field and it will decrease the marked-up line item price by that percentage. You can only enter positive numbers in this field.  If you type 5 in this area, you will provide a 5% discount from markup was included in the price method.  With this feature, please be sure to always discount from a marked up price.
  • Price and Final Price: Sometimes you need to just get the price of a line item to a specific number to get the job. You can overwrite the price or the final price in this Price Manipulation window.  Just write-over the number on the screen and the Increment, Margin and Discount will adjust to meet the number you enter in the price fields.

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