How to Add Dealer Line Items, or Misc. Fees

John Smith|June 7, 2021

What Is A Misc Line?

All our customers have a different way of providing additional value and services to their customers. This feature enables you to add any custom line items you may need to communicate those unique values to your customer.

One of the most important features of a Misc Line is that they will show up on the Dealer’s quote to the customers but will not be sent to the All Weather factory when the quote is converted to an order. Be sure to never use this field to communicate critical information to the All Weather factory, as it does not transfer with the order.

Additionally, a Misc Line will be taxed, so only use it for taxable goods.  If you need to use it to communicate a service that should not be taxed, you could enter the information you want to print on the quote, but not associate any cost with the line item, rather put the cost as a Misc Fee (non-taxable) in the “Sub Amounts” area of the quoting software.  See “How to Use Sub Amounts” for more information on that alternative.

Add A Misc Line Item

From the main quote screen, select the “New Item” icon on the bottom right of the screen to add a new line item. Select the “Misc Line” tab and follow the prompts on the following screen to edit the details.

On the Sales Documents > Quote Number > Misc Line page, you will see five editable fields

  • Model Name – This is the only required field and should be considered a title.
  • Unit Mark – This field allows you to add a mark number that can be used to match with another line item, specific room or window on your quote. It can also be used to add more text.
  • Description – This field allows you to better explain what is included in the line item
  • Unit Price – Is where you will enter the amount you are charging for the goods or services
  • Quantity – The number you would like the Unit Price to multiply by Quantity to provide the Total Cost.

You will also see a “Total” field that will auto-populate per your price and quantity.

To further allow you to customize, you may upload an image to your misc line item. This will prevent the line item from reflecting the generic brown box that is our standard image for a Misc Line.

Below we have provided an example of how to use the Misc. Line to add installation services to the quote.

Once you press “Save” to add the Misc Line to your quote it will appear on the main quote summary page like this.

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