Customize Your View of User and Customer List

John Smith|June 7, 2021

Administrative Lists

When you first log in as an Administrator, you will see the User List view. This is a list of all of your company’s users.  Using the blue primary navigation bar at the top of the screen you can access the customer, entities, pricing methods and payment terms lists.  The User and Customer Lists can be quite lengthy depending on the size of your company, so we created ways to customize your view for ease of use.

This view is customizable to suit your needs.  You can organize columns to your specifications, group them by  fields or use filters to personalize your view.


To re-arrange the order of columns, drag and drop the columns by clicking on the header of the column and dragging it left or right to your preferred placement, then release the mouse.  To add/remove columns from view, click on the drop-down arrow beside any column name, hover over Columns and check the boxes for the columns you’d like to display. (See picture below)


To group by data, drag the column name into the area above the columns that reads, “Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column.”  You can view the column header to help you remember your search grouping. To remove the grouping just click, on the “x” next to the column header name. See the example image below, filtered by “Permission Level.”


You can use filters to quickly search for lines that contain specific text. For example, lets filter for active users. To filter for active users, click on the drop-down arrow at the top of the “Permission Level” column, hover over “Filter,” and select “Active Users”. Click filter and your results will update to only show you active users.  In many other column types, you will need to type in a filter term, not just select it from a list.

All columns that are filtered will have the drop down arrow highlighted blue as a visual reminder that the column is filtered.  To clear a filter, click on the drop-down arrow, hover over filters, and click the “Clear” button. The view will be reset to default.

There is one other way to clear filters, and this is helpful if you set several filters at the same time.  Click the three vertical dots on the gray secondary navigation bar and it will give you an option to “Show All.”  This will clear all filters.  You can see that there are two other options listed in that menu as well; Export to Excel and Restore Grid State.  The Export to Excel option will save an Excel file of the data to your “Downloads” folder.  The Restore Grid State button will return your view back to factory settings.

Once you set up your view the way you want it, the system should default to this view every time you logon.

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