Customize Your View of the Sales List

John Smith|June 7, 2021

Sales List View

When you log in using a quoting ID, you will see the sales document list view. This view provides an overview of the activity related to your quotes and order documents. You can always return to this screen by clicking the All Weather Logo on the top left of the screen or the  “Sales Document” icon on the Primary Navigation Bar.

This view is customizable to suit your needs. You can display the information by organizing the columns to your specifications, group by field, filters to create a personalized view or search functionality to quickly access documents.


To re-arrange the order of columns, drag and drop the columns by clicking on the header of the column and dragging it left or right to your preferred placement, then release the mouse. To add/remove columns from view, click on the drop-down arrows beside the column name, hover over “Columns” and check the boxes for the columns you’d like to display. (See picture below)

  • Customer Code
  • Customer
  • Job Name
  • Purchase
  • Tracking
  • Entity
  • Request Date
  • Type
  • Is public
  • Requested Delivery Date
  • Accepted Date
  • Remarks
  • PO/Reference
  • Confirmed
  • ID
  • Address, City, and Country



To group by data, drag the column name into the area above the columns that read, “Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column.”  You can see the column header to help you remember your search grouping. You can also change the list from descending to ascending order. To remove the grouping simply click on the “x” next to the column header name. In the example image below, you can see that the list has been filtered by “Responsible.”


You can use filters to quickly search for lines that contain specific text. To do so, click on the same drop-down arrow, hover over “Filter” and type your entry. In the picture below, we filtered the document list to only show documents created by Jim Glodowski:

To apply the filter, select “Filter” and your results will update. The list will now only show Jim’s documents:

All columns that are filtered will have the drop-down arrow highlighted blue as a visual reminder that the column is filtered. To clear a filter, click on the drop-down arrow, hover over filters, and click the “Clear” button. This will be reset to the default view.

You can also filter using these additional filters;

  • calendar filter icon – filters your view to quotes from “today”.  This filter will automatically change based on the current date the page is refreshed.
  • user filter icon – filters to show just your quotes, based on your login ID.
  • “Show all” icon   – clears all filters.

We found that these are the most popular filters selected by users, so we made them one click, options.  To clear these auto-filters, simply click on the icon again or use the “show-all” icon to clear the filter and reset to your default view.


When all else fails, just search for it. Above the column headers is the search bar engine. Type in any word or identifying number, press enter or click on the magnifying glass to start your search. This will generate a list of quotes that meet your search criteria. To clear your search criteria simply select the magnifying glass icon to reset to your default view.

Once you set up your view the way you want it, the system should default to this view everytime you logon.

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