Create Multiple Versions Of A Quote

John Smith|June 7, 2021

Sometimes a customer needs to take multiple quotes home to consider alternative options. We made it as simple as possible to create as many versions of your quote as your customer needs.

Create a New Version

Once you have created a quote and added at least one line item to it, you can create a new version of the quote. This allows you to change one or many features of the quote, so your customers can consider multiple options.

On the grey secondary navigation bar, near the top right of the screen look for the  “New Version” icon.  By clicking the “New Version” icon system will go to a new screen. The new screen is an exact replica of the original quote except for the quote number.

For example; “Version 1” will now say “Version 2”.

To rename the version click on the Version Number. By changing the name of the versions, it helps provide a more visual clue about the differences between of the quotes.  For example, you could name one version “Clear Anodized, Solarban 70” and the next version “Dark Bronze Anodized, Solarban 60”.  You can toggle back and forth between all versions of your quote using the small arrow next to the version name.  If you click the arrow, the drop-down menu will list all Version Names helping you move to the version you need to review with ease.

Activate a Version

Throughout the selling process one version of each quote will be the active version.  The active version is the only one that can be turned into an order.  You may change which version is active as many times as necessary throughout the selling process as the customer considers different alternatives.  The first version will remain active until you designate a different version as the active version.  To activate a version, start by opening the version of the quote, that the customer is likely to proceed with, then click the “Activate Version” icon on the grey secondary navigation bar towards the top right of the screen (if it has not already been activated).  Only one version of the quote can be active at a time.  A salesperson should adjust the active version throughout the selling process so that if another customer service or salesperson needs to help the same customer, they know which quote the customer is actively considering.

Accept a Version

Once your customer is ready to start to proceed from a quote to an order, start by opening the active version.   Ensure that everything is correct, and this would be a great time to have the customer sign off on the sizes and specifications of the windows and doors.  If for some reason, this version is not active, use the directions above to activate the correct version before accepting.  Accepting the version will make that version of the quote the only one valid to convert into an order. You can always change this selection and “Accept” a different quote later if needed.  Once a version is “Accepted,” no further edits can be made to it, so be sure to check the accuracy of all details before “Accepting.” 

Finding a Version

If you created multiple versions of a quote and your customer comes back a week later with a decision on which version he/she would like to proceed with, you can search on the “Sales Document” list page by name, quote number or any other search parameters available.  Don’t forget, as mentioned above, if you can pull up any version of the quote, you can toggle between all other versions using the drop-down menu located in arrow next to the Version Name.

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