Create, Edit, or Delete Users

John Smith|June 7, 2021

To Perform any administrative task you must be logged into SmartQuote with an administrative credential. If you have any questions about your login credentials please see your onsite SmartQuote Administrator.

Create A New User

When logged in as an Administrator, you will open to the Users list. From this page, click on the  icon on the top, right of the screen to add a new user.

This will take you to the “Users > New User” page. On this page you may enter information as you set up a new user.

Access Data

The following fields in Bold are required fields.

Email – this will become the user’s login ID.  This field is case sensitive, consider using all lowercase letters and being consistent across your user base.

Access Level Options – Administrator or User. The same email can’t be used for both functions.

  • Administrators can’t create or edit orders.
  • Users can’t manage users, entities or price methods.

Entity – If your company has multiple branches and you wish to have them set up as separate entities, please contact All Weather for assistance in this process.

Password – Must be at least 8 digits and a combination of letter and numbers.

Confirm Password – Must match above.

User Data

Name – First Name

Surname – Last Name

ID – This field is available for you to use as a unique identifier for your employee/user. You might enter their employee number in this field to use as a reference when you audit the user list to ensure all users are still active employees in good standing.  This field is completely optional.

Address / Postal Code / City / State / Country – Use Work Address for the New User

Phone / Mobile Phone / Fax – Make sure to fill this out completely so that a user’s direct phone line or mobile phone number will print out on quotes appropriately. If you don’t want this info shared with customers on a quote, don’t enter it here. If you want it to show up on quotes, ensure it is filled in.

Language – SmartQuote will default to English and is currently not available in any other languages.

To finish the process, click the blue “Save” button at the bottom of your screen. That’s it! Your new user has been created.

Edit A User

To edit a user, go to the main Users page and click on the name of the User. This will take you to the “Users > User Name” page that will allow you to edit the details of an existing User.

Access Data

There are three fields you cannot edit in this section.

  • The Code ID # that was automatically assigned.
  • The date the User was originally created
  • The email address that is the login ID.

If any of these fields needs to be changed for some reason, you will need to delete or inactivate the User and create a new one.

You may change a User to an Administrator or vice versa in the “Users > User Name” page. This is also where you can edit a User’s status from active to inactive. It is imperative that you immediately change the status of any user that is no longer authorized to quote or purchase on your company’s behalf. If you make a User inactive, you can easily reactivate the User at a later date by toggling the “State” button. Their orders will remain in the system and other Users can still edit those orders.

Finally, if you press the “Change Password” button, additional fields will appear that allows the Administrator to change a User’s password by entering the new password and confirming it. For improved security, we recommend that the Administrator always force a password change after changing a password, so that the User will have to create their own password upon login.

User Data

In this section, the fields you can edit are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone

There are three additional checkboxes that can be changed as well.

Allow Presetting Modifications – This should be checked yes.

Public for Child Entities – This feature applies only when your account is set up for multiple branches. When selected it allows your users to access quotes or orders from users at a different location.

Allow Log in Current Entity – This should always be checked yes

Delete A User

In SmartQuote, you may only delete Users that haven’t entered any quotes or orders in the system, such as Users that were entered with a typo in their user email address. Even if an employee leaves your company you must use the “Inactivate” option rather than deleting them. By using the “Inactivate” option you continue to have access to any quotes or orders they may have entered into the system.

If you want to delete a User, go to the main “Users” page, click on the trash can icon on the far right side of the screen. You’ll get the following confirmation message to make sure you want to delete the User. Click on the “Yes” button, and the User will be permanently deleted.

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