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John Smith|June 7, 2021

You may start this process in two different ways. By clicking the “Customers” icon  on the primary navigation bar, you will be redirected to the “Customers” list view page. From here you can click the “New Customer” icon  that will appear on the right of the gray secondary navigation bar. This will take you to the “Customers > New Customer” page that allows you to set up a customer without going into a quote.

Alternatively, if you do not set up a customer in advance the quoting process will guide you through Customer Setup.  You can start a new quote or use the quote to guide you through setting up a new customer, as part of the quoting process. Please see the “Create a New Quote” document for details on that process.

The ID will auto-populate as a unique key for each customer. Required fields are in bold and the only required field is the customer Name:

There are three sections to the “New Customer” page:

  • Customer Data – This section includes Address, Postal Code, City, State, Country, Phone, Mobile Phone, Fax, Email, and Website.
  • Contact Person – This section only has two fields, name and phone – we expect this will be used when the main “Customer Name” is a business name.

Pricing Method and Currency – Here you can select the pricing method you want to apply to the new customer.  If you set a price method here, this customer will always default to this price method.  You can always adjust it on an individual quote or line item if needed.  This is a nice way to achieve consistent pricing between multiple salespeople.  The administrator at your company will set up the pricing methods available to choose from.

The additional fields of Currency, Payment Terms,  and Language are not mandatory during Customer setup. By filing these fields, you will save time when you create a quote for this customer at a later time.

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