Corner Windows

John Smith|June 7, 2021

This article will only be addressing the aspects of entering a corner window that are different than our standard window entry and option selection process.  See the following articles for more on the standard process: “Building a Custom Configuration” and “How to Select Options.”


Most of our windows are added to quotes through the “New Configuration” option, but corner windows will be added as pre-configured models just like doors and shaped windows.  Only 90-degree corner windows can be added in SmartQuote.  For any other angles, please contact our inside sales team for a custom-engineered solution.

Once you have created a new quote, select the  “New Item” icon on the bottom right of the screen to access the “New Line Item menu. To add a corner window to your quote, select the “New Model” tab. This will take you to the “New Model” menu page.

From the “Sales Documents>Quote Number>New Model” page you can select from a recently used model or navigate the folder structure.

In this example, we’ll select the folder for Corner Windows by clicking on that picture.

This will open a folder that includes all the possible product types available for a corner window.  You may select between:

  • Butt Glazed
  • Corner Post
  • Mitered
  • Offset IGU

In the next selection, you will choose your window series.  Not all corner window types are available in all series.  The system will intuitively guide you to what is available.

Once you have selected the corner window model, click on the image to go to the “Model Editor” page. Here you can edit all details of the window, including size and hardware options.

Pro-Tip: If you need to go back to the main “New Model” menu page, click on the little house on the top left-hand corner of the screen. This icon will take you back to that homepage.


One of the most important differences in the process of entering a corner window is that you can’t adjust the standard sizing by using the dimensions tab and clicking on the brown dimension data in the picture.  There is a specially calculated “Corner Window Net Dimension (CW Net Dim)” that must be edited instead.  So – instead of adjusting H, W, W1 and W2, you must adjust CW Net Dim H, WI and W2.  You must adjust them by clicking on the blue number in the image.  The dimensions tab will not allow you to resize corner windows.

From this point on, the rest of the option selection process is just like standard windows.  There are a few additional exceptions to note:

  • Only corner windows with a 90 degree angle can be entered in SmartQuote
  • All corner windows will be shipped with glass loose.
  • Some types of corner windows require specialty glass products that may require a custom quote. If you get a blue informational plausibility error, please consult with our Inside Sales team to confirm that the pricing you’re seeing in the system is accurate before you present the quote to your customer.  They’ll help you clear that error either over the phone, or via transferring the ownership of the order for a Sales Review.

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