Aluminum Panels or Louvers Instead of Glass

John Smith|June 7, 2021

As you’re selecting options for your window or door, you may replace any of the lites of glass with aluminum panels or aluminum louvers in the glass configurator tab of the options menu.

What Are Panels?

For architectural reasons, sometimes our clients will prefer to have a flat aluminum panel in the opening of a window instead of glass.  Usually this is done for an aesthetic reason; there may be something right behind the window that would look displeasing from the exterior view.  Panels are available in many colors to match both anodized and painted finishes.  They are also available in multiple thicknesses to accommodate window and door systems that may require a different overall thickness in an IG unit.  There may be different surface finishes available and there are certainly many manufacturers.

What Are Louvers?

Louvers blades of aluminum set at an angle in a frame to allow air to flow through the window or door, while mostly preventing people from being able to see in or out.  These are commonly used in windows placed on mechanical rooms or utility spaces where the owner wants to keep the space enclosed and protected, but benefits from the natural air flow.  Just like Panels, Louvers are available in many aluminum finishes and colors, from multiple manufacturers.

Please consult with our Inside Sales staff if you aren’t sure what type of panel or louver you need for your project.  They would be happy to make a recommendation for you.

Replacing Glass With Panels or Louvers

In SmartQuote, once you have created a quote, and added a window or door, go to the “Glass Configurator” tab of the “Options” menu.  From there, scroll down to the bottom of the option menu until you see the section for “Panels”.  Here you have two choices.  You can highlight the lites you need to change by clicking on them in the picture or checking the box next to each lite in the list in the “Panels” section (use the top checkbox to check all).

Then, press the “Change Glass” button.

Follow the folder structure to select the options you want.  First, select IGU Quick Picks, then Mapes / Louvers, then select the brand and color of panel or louver that you want.

Please be sure to select the brand, color, thickness and finish that you need for your project.  Since panels and louvers are a special order item for us, any changes made to your selection after the 24 hour confirmation period will be a chargeable change order.

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