Series 9100

Enhance outdoor living within your space. Top-hung bifold doors are built with the highest standard for quality and performance for residential or commercial projects.

Series 9100 BiFold Door System

The innovative Series 9100 Folding Door System completely transforms space by bringing the outside in, enhancing indoor-outdoor living, allowing more natural light and open-air, and maximizing views. Held to the highest standards of quality and performance, the Series 9100 bifolding doors are top hung for smooth and effortless operation and feature 2 ¼” thick panels for robust build quality and commercial ratings.

Whether you need a simple bifold patio door or want to open up an entire wall with our massive 16 panels, 52’ wide, 12’ tall configuration, the Series 9100 Folding Door System is the perfect choice for residential and commercial projects.

Features Features


  • Max Panel Height of 144” and min panel height of 79”
  • Max Panel Width of 39” and min panel width of 24”
  • Max Panel Size of 39” x 144”
  • Up to 16 Panels, 8 in each direction
  • 2 1/4” Thick robust panels for commercial ratings
  • Top Hung for smooth and effortless operation
Frame & Still Options Frame & Still Options

Frame & Still Options

  • Block frame
  • 2 1/4″ Sill. ½” Low profile ADA Sill available
Configurations Configurations


  • Inswing or Outswing
  • Custom size for Bifold Windows available
  • 2L, 2R
  • 3L, 3R, 2L/1R, 1L/2R,
  • 4L, 4R, 3L/1R, 1L/3R
  • 5L, 5R, 4L/1R, 1L/4R, 3L/2R, 2L/3R
  • 6L, 6R. 3L/3R
  • 7L, 7R, 5L/2R, 2L/5R, 4L/3R, 3L/4R
  • 8L, 8R, 5L/3R, 3R/5L
 Glazing Options  Glazing Options

Glazing Options

  • 15/16” OA Insulated Glass
Ratings & Certification Ratings & Certification

Ratings & Certification

  • Commercially Rated

Finish Options

Class I anodized coatings are a high-performance finish used for exterior building structures and other products that must withstand continuous outdoor exposure. Class I anodized finishes are more resistant to salt spray and the sea coast as compared to Class II

Clear Anodized Class I

Dark Bronze Anodized Class I

Clear Anodized Class I
  • Sleek and modern, Clear Anodized is best suited for a contemporary design aesthetic
  • Actual colors may vary.  Sample available upon request


Dark Bronze Anodized Class I
  • Sophisticated and timeless, Dark Bronze anodized works well for a traditional or contemporary aesthetic
  • Actual colors may vary. Samples available upon  request

Hardware Options

Door hardware has to be flawless: Glassy smooth operation, comfortable hand-feel, and ultra-secure to protect you from the elements. Twin Point Stainless Steel hardware, Lever Lock Sets and Multi-Point Door Locks are available for the Series 9100 Folding Door system

Product Comparison

Door Type/Operation
Max Panel Size

Series 9100

Inswing, Outswing
39 x 144

Series 8000

Multi Slide
70 sq ft

Series 7000

Inswing, Outswing
48" x 96", 42" X 108", 36" x 120"

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