All Weather Proud To Partner with Design Horizons to Rebuild Paradise

Benjamin Woo|June 2, 2022

On the road to Paradise, you can see signs of a comeback. Rebuilding this town nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada was far from certain after Paradise was lost to the inferno known as the Camp Fire in 2018.

Vern Sneed, the owner of Design Horizons, a company building what it calls the Q Cabin, short for quonset hut. It takes its name from Quonset Point, a naval facility in Rhode Island where these corrugated metal-roofed buildings were first made during World War II. “It’s noncombustible,” Sneed said. “It’s a product that you can’t really light on fire.”


Scientists say most homes ignite in wildfires because embers get into window frames or in-between roof shingles. With the Q Cabin Kit, those entry points don’t exist.  Approved for use in California’s most strict Wildfire areas. Design Horizons offers 6 standard models ranging from 120 to 1400 square feet. 

All Weather was selected by Design Horizon and the Series 5000 windows, Series 7000 Swing Doors and Series 8150 are featured in the Mountaineer Model shown.  

“When you see all of the natural disasters, especially a state like this is facing, and what we know is coming as climate change accelerates, I think noncombustible housing is the future,” Sneed said. 

Watch the After the Camp Fire: Rebuilding Paradise story on CBS’s top-rated news program Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley.







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