RELEASE NOTES – 5.4.2018

Benjamin Woo|May 4, 2018


The intention of the alpha phase is to simulate the real user experience by carrying out the tasks that a typical user might perform. The testers for this phase will be our internal employees. This testing is called alpha only because it is done early on, near the end of the development of the software, and before beta testing. The alpha phase is estimated to run for 30 days.

  • Provides better view about the reliability of the software at an early stage. Helps simulate real-time user behavior and environment. Ability to provide early detection of errors with respect to design and functionality.
  • Alpha testing provides better insights into the software’s reliability and robustness at its early stages. You would even be able to detect many of the serious errors quite easily during the alpha test because other minor design structures are yet to be integrated.
  • Alpha test acts as an effective software testing method. This testing ensures that the user will get high-quality services in the form of complete functionalities and stability.

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