What types of windows are available from All Weather?

We design our products to adaptable to almost any project, so most of our windows are available in a number of styles, including aluminum casements, picture windows, awnings, hoppers and sliding glass doors. If you are looking for windows for specialized products, we custom design and manufacture arches, rakes and specialty shapes. Check out our product comparison page to quickly view multiple products side by side, so you can find the window or door that’s perfect for your project. 

If you need something truly special and unique designed specifically for your project, contact us through our monumental page to get one-on-one assistance from one of our representatives. We can create custom solutions for even the most difficult and challenging projects!

What Is All Weather’s Warranty on windows?

You can see our warranty on the website here. Please contact us using our service request contact form if you currently need assistance with an All Weather product.

Where does All Weather ship to?

Our fleet of trucks delivers All Weather products throughout most of the Western United States and deliveries outside of our established routes are handled via common carrier. Regardless of where you are, if you want an All Weather product, we will find a way to get it to you. Please contact us directly for more information on our shipping options.

What types of care and maintenance are recommended for All Weather doors and windows?

Caring for and maintaining your new windows and doors will insure they operate at peak performance levels. Regular inspections and maintenance are the most effective way to ensure your windows and doors stay in proper working condition and preserve their warranty.

Click here to download All Weather's Comprehensive Care & Maintenance Guide.

What are All Weather’s Installation Guidelines?

Our windows and doors are designed to be strong and reliable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. However, in accordance with our warranty, all of our windows must be installed in prepared openings in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations listed below. If you require the use of shop drawings for your project, please contact us for approved drawings.

Installation guidelines:

  • All vent panels must be closed and locked.
  • Each unit must be installed level, plumb and square, with a ¼” clearance on the jambs and the header of the window.
  • For nail-on applications the header must not be nailed. You may place a nail ½” above the fin and bend it over the fin, to allow for header deflection.
  • Remove wet plaster, mortar, stucco and cement immediately. (Note: windows should only be cleaned with mild soap and water.)
  • Do not set items on the sill or use it for any other purpose.
  • In nail-on applications, a bead of caulking material should be applied to the inside nail-on fin just before installation to ensure a watertight seal between the building and the window. In an equal leg window, a bead of caulking material should also be applied.
  • Any attachment screw or bolts should be sealed during the process of installation.
  • After installation is completed, building paper and stucco wire, if a stucco application, should overlap the window nail-on flange.

How do I become an Authorized All Weather dealer?

Dealers are of paramount importance our success. Visit our Why All Weather page to learn more about the benefits and rewards of becoming an All Weather dealer!

Where can I find architectural manuals for All Weather products?

Architectural manuals can be found on the Architectural Manual page in the Architects section of our site.

Where can I find a CPSC Certificate of Compliance for your tempered glass products?

We are dedicated to providing our customers with safe and reliable products, all of which are certified by the CPSC. For a certificate of compliance for products tempered at our Vacaville, California location, please click here. For a certificate of compliance for products tempered at our Phoenix, Arizona location, please click here.

Have you gone through the AAMA/ALI insulating glass certification program?

The National Fenestration Rating Council requires that all NFRC certified products must receive Insulating Glass (IG) Certification through a third party program. We have fulfilled this requirement by completing the AAMA/ALI Insulation Glass Certification program. A PDF copy of our certification can be found here.

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