All windows must be installed in prepared openings in accordance with AAMA recommendations and the below-listed manufacturers’ recommendations (If shop drawings are required, please refer to approved shop drawings for installation):

  • All vent panels must be closed and locked.
  • Each unit must be installed level, plumb and square with a 1⁄4” clearance on the jambs and the header of the window.
  • Remove wet plaster, mortar, stucco and cement immediately. (Note: windows should only be cleaned with mild soap and water.)
  • Do not set items on the sill.
  • In nail-on applications, a bead of caulking material should be applied to the inside nail-on fin just before installation to insure a watertight seal between the building and the window. In an equal leg window a bead of caulking material should also be applied.
  • Any attachment screws or bolts should be sealed during the process of installation.
  • After installation is complete, building paper and stucco wire (if a stucco application) should overlap the window nail-on flange.


All of our windows and doors come with a 10 year limited warranty.


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